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Cancellation policy 

Bookings up to £200.00


If your booking value is under £200.00 you may cancel your booking without penalty at anytime up to 24 hours prior to your event delivery time i.e if your delivery is due between 8-11am on Saturday you can cancel up to 8am on the Friday the day before, this is due to the fact that we load our vans on the previous day and are likely to have included your booking in any route, vehicle and staff planning by this time,


If you want to cancel within 24hours of your arranged delivery time you may still do so but will be liable for 25% of the original booking value, i.e original booking value £100.00 you pay £25.00.


If the day of the event comes and it is raining or extremely windy we will assess the conditions and cancellation or provision of more suitable equipment will be at our discretion.

 If this is the case or you are concerned about conditions, if we do not contact you, please contact us to discuss your options.


If we turn up to any event and you have not informed us of cancellation or called with any concerns full payment will still be due.


Bookings over £200.00


If your booking value is over £200.00 you will have paid a 50% deposit to secure your booking, this deposit is non refundable so if you wish to cancel at any time you will forfeit this deposit.


If however we deem weather conditions to be too extreme for use of your hire equipment we will keep the 50% deposit and put it down as a deposit on a rescheduled or future event.


As with all bookings if we turn up without you informing us of cancellation or informing us of any concerns full payment will still be due.


If we are running late to a booking due to our busy schedule or being held up at previous jobs, we will inform you as soon as we can.


If however we are going to miss your event start time we will inform you and do our best to get a castle to you asap.


At this point you may cancel your booking with us and seek your equipment elsewhere if you wish with no penalty.


Please note whilst every effort is made to get to your event within the agreed time slot sometimes circumstances beyond our control prevent us from doing so, but we will always keep you informed.

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