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Before We Arrive


Childs Play are a very busy company often running on a very tight schedule, it is a common illusion that customers believe that they are our only job for that day, the reality is that on peak days we can have up to 30 jobs to complete, that includes delivery, setup and collection and these jobs can sometimes be up to 50 miles from each other.

Whilst we do our best to get to every ones event in the agreed time slot, some times our efforts are hampered by simple things which can help our operation run smoother.


Please consider the following on the day of your booking, that includes delivery and collection.


Booking info

  • Please ensure you have received booking confirmation as well as had a confirmation phone call.
  • Please inform us of any access or power issues asap, i.e. more than 5 steps or power over 25metres away.
  • Please inform us if the inflatable is to be setup on a hard surface i.e. concrete, decking or tarmac as sandbags will need to be provided.
  • Ensure you are happy with the delivery and collection time slots you have been allocated.
  • Ensure the booking price is correct and payment method has been agreed and payment is available on delivery or paid prior to delivery.
  • Ensure you agree with our booking terms and conditions.



  • Please ensure we have free and easy access to the setup area.
  • Please ensure there are no vehicles restricting access to the setup area, side gate or front door.
  • Please ensure any side alleys are clear of any rubbish, bins or any other obstructions, if you have a tight side alley (less than 2.5ft) please let us know as we may need to access the setup area through the house.
  • If we need to go through the house to access the setup area please ensure a clear space is made for us before we arrive, any doors are open and furniture toys and other obstructions are cleared, and any surfaces covered to avoid damage.
  • Please ensure the setup area is clear of any animal foul, sharp objects, toys or any other obstructions.
  • Please make sure the area is large enough for the item(s) you have ordered.
  • Ensure there are no overhanging trees that will affect the positioning of the inflatable.
  • Ensure we have easy access to a power supply socket within 25m or 50m if requested by you, and allow enough distance to be able to run cable out of guests’ way.
  • If any of the above are going to cause an issue please let us no asap before the event so we can solve any problems before we arrive.


Event hire

If you are hiring an inflatable for a public event, please consider the following,

  • Event power
  • Inflatable supervision
  • Safety fencing
  • Extra Public Liability Insurance


*All of the above can be arranged with ‘Childs Play’


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