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Risk assessments


Health and safety is one of our main concerns when it comes to hiring any of our items out, we want users of our equipment to enjoy themselves in a fun and safe environment.


Below you will find downloadable risk assessments sheets for a large range of our hire equipment, these sheets outline risks and actions to prevent accidents or injury in order to maximise the fun and minimise the risk of injury and damage whilst using our equipment.


You may download or print the sheet(s) relevant to any hire items you are using at your event, please make sure you read them and pass them on to any event organisers and supervisors of the equipment.


If you can’t find the item you are looking for risk assessments may not be available or required, please contact us for more info.


View the product info page for items you are hiring for rules, T+C’s and risk assessments relevant to that item.


Please click on the links below for risk assessments relevant to the items you are hiring.


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